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Cool Wreck-it Ralph Family Costumes

We are Fix it Felix JR, Vanellope Von Schweets and Wreck it Ralph. We are also Jennifer, Daxx and Annika. We love dressing up together every year, this year it was mommys turn to pick, why I chose a nine foot tall man with giant hands who lives in a dump is beyond me! Never the less I feel like it turned out very well.

Ralph: Denim to fashion oversized overalls, marron spray paint, white yarn on seams for cartoon effect, wig, brown spray paint, paint a shirt to match ralphs, flesh colored material to make the transition from normal shoulder size to giant wrecking hands smooth. Those are store bought hands.

My name is Ralph and I am a bad guy, I am nine feet tall and I have quite a temper on me, I am a wrecker, that means I wreck things professionally, I mean, I am very good at what I do. For Halloween however, I get pretty creative. I needed some new duds. I live in a dump you know, so there isn’t much to work with. My friend Jennifers grandmother passed away and while clearing her stuff out of her home, I found a wig shoved in a box and put it on, it was perfect! (thus wreck it Ralph was born) Very Natural I do believe. I did have to take some brown spray paint to it and jazz it up a little. I also found 2 pair of old jeans just laying around, can you believe my luck? I took some scissors, hot glue, maroon spray paint and yarn and fashioned those old clothes into these fine threads.

I had this old orange shirt and thought to myself that it could use some sprucing up. That is where my acrylic paints came in. Lastly, my arms are not what they used to be, I bought a little skin colored fabric to reach my (store bought) hands, to make me look buffer, stronger, I know its a silly thing to worry about, but a man has  his reputation and pride, you know? Also, I am not a man I am a woman, my name is Jennifer and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!

There is just something so special in seeing the reactions of people when you have really taken the time to make something great. When I would drive my kids to trunk or treats or other activities, I would drive fully “Ralphed” I would hang my arm out the window and very calmly and casually say “im gonna wreck it” and wave at people. The reactions alone are priceless. So this entry is just for wreck it Ralph (one photo is with the whole gang though) I am so excited to enter, this is our first costume contest! So basically, Im gonna wreck it.

Have a fabulous rest of the day, I did take some of the words above from the (Wreck it Ralph Movie Quotes Page on IMDB)

  • Old denim to fashion into lose fitting overalls.
  • Marron spray paint for overalls when youre finished.
  • Buckles for overalls added next.
  • White yarn along the seams for cartoon effect.
  • Shirt painted in Wreck it Ralph Colors (I used acryllic paint).
  • Flesh colored fabric to make flow from shoulders to giant hands.
  • Giant store bought hands or make it interesting and make your own!
  • Wig spray paint brown to make spikes last.
  • I used hot glue for everything, no sewing was involved.

Vanellope: headband and clips with candy hot glued on it, a teal seat shirt with pink yarn for cartoon effect, i painted white leggings and hot glued an old brown pillow case as a skirt and bought her some black shoes

Hello all! I am Vanellope Von Schweets from the movie Wreck it Ralph, and its my Duty (teeheehee dooty) to tell you all how I made my super sweet and super adorable outfit! Even though I attached a picture of Felix and Ralph, this is just for my costume, because as we all know, Ralph is the stinkiest brain in all of the land.

We dressed up probably 6 different times and the make up was different everytime :)

  • Black head band.
  • Black hair clips.
  • Candy to hot glue to both the above mentioned.
  • Teal hoodie.
  • I painted white leggings.
  • Used an old brown pillow
  • Didnt sew anything all store bought or hot glued.
  • Black shoes.

Felix: blue hat, button up shirt, blue pants, yellow boots and gloves. Tool belt painted hammer and carboard for the name tag on hat and shirt.

Howdy Maam or Sir, I am fix it Felix JR, my job it to fix whatever malarkey Wreck it Ralph gets himself into. He is a fickle rascal and it is hard for me to keep up with him. But my golden hammer is always here and ready for the challenges that lye ahead! (even if it is plastic and spray painted)In the morning I wake up and I throw on my work pants, work shirt, tool belt (with my name on it of course), lace up my boots, slap on my hat and slide my hammer into my belt. It doesn’t take a lot to make me look just dynamite! My real name is Daxx and I do love Wreck it Ralph, the movie. My mom just always has a way of turning my favorite movies into something I have to wear around in front of people I know, what are moms for right? She is one dynamite gal

  • Blue hat.
  • Cardboard for name tag on hat and T-shirt.
  • Spraypainted hammer.
  • Gloves
  • Button up shirt with pocket.
  • Solid blue pants.
  • Store bought Felix JR belt.
  • Any light brown boots.

If we made you grin, we already win!

Cool Wreck-it Ralph Family Costumes

Cool Wreck-it Ralph Family Costumes

Cool Wreck-it Ralph Family Costumes

Cool Wreck-it Ralph Family Costumes

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