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Coolest Wreck-It-Ralph Family Costume

We co-parent my husband’s daughter with his ex girlfriend, so we swap Halloween every other year. The years we get her, she decides what she wants to be and we choose our costumes based on her decision. This year she chose Vanellope Von Shweetz from Wreck it Ralph. Her daddy was Wreck it Ralph, her little brother was Fix it Felix Jr. and I was Sergeant Calhoun.

She turned 8 this year and as we are running out of trick or treating years, we invited her mom to join us. She didn’t dress up, but she did take amazing pictures of the costume. Co-parenting can be tough at times, but if you put your feelings aside and do what’s best for your kids it can amazing!

Wreck-It-Ralph Costume

The Ralph costume was the easiest. We just borrowed overalls from a friend, bought the shirt ($5) and sprayed his hair red ($3).  Total cost $8.

Sergeant Calhoun Costume

Calhoun was equally easy. We purchased a black cat suit ($18) and wig ($7), made a utility belt using match boxes and clips purchased from the dollar store ($2) threaded onto a belt and spray painted the whole thing black. We also spray painted a Nerf gun we had here.  Total cost $17.

Vanellope Von Shweetz Costume

Vanellope was a little tougher. We bought plain white tights ($2) and colored the pattern with magic marker, pink ribbon ($1) to decorate the sweatshirt, and clips and candy accents to make the candy barrettes for her hair ($7). We made a black tutu ($5),  licorice using thin rope twisted together purchased at the fabric store ($3), and lastly we sprayed her hair black ($3).  Total cost $21.

Fix-It-Felix Jr. Costume

Felix was the cheapest. We bought yellow felt ($0.34) and white and blue felt at the same price, made a tool belt, and made a felt cover for an existing hat and a name tag. The letters for the name tag were stickers ($1.50). A toy hammer was spray painted gold.  Total cost $2.50!

Total cost for 4 costumes was about $50!

Coolest Wreck-It-Ralph Family Costume

Coolest Wreck-It-Ralph Family Costume

Coolest Wreck-It-Ralph Family Costume

Coolest Wreck-It-Ralph Family Costume

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