My 3 year old son had to be Ralph this year, but we couldn’t find a child’s costume for him. So, we decided to make it a family theme and went nuts with it. I spent hours online finding all of the pieces for each costume. There was minimal work required for Ralph (cut/frayed the ends off of his pants, dyed my son’s hair darker & drew on darker eyebrows), Felix (ironed on his patches on his hat & shirt), and Vanellope (cut the tutu shorter & drew purple stripes on one of her leggings).

Originally, I didn’t realize how much work would go into the Sgt Calhoun costume, but had a lot of fun making it. This was my first time using EVA foam. I used Google and youtube a lot to get tips. I put saran wrap and masking tape all over my torso, drew on the armor and then cut out patterns to use on the foam. I cut out/detailed the armor with an exacto knife and shaped it with a heat gun. Then, I hot glued it together and spray painted it. The smaller pieces of armor are stripped down shin guards and knee pads.

The base of the costume is a zentai suit with a black corset over it. I also added a spray painted nerf gun & some red light up strips over my shoulders to accessorize. I’m really happy with how everything turned out. Everyone loved our costumes and knew who we were right away! The best part was that we made my son’s dreams come true. He was so happy that we all dressed up as his favorite characters and still wears his costume around the house.