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Cool Homemade Cat Costume

I am very creative and love home made costumes. I create costumes for my kids, husband and myself every year. I start planning mine the day after Halloween and begin creatiion 2-3 prior as I usually have the most difficult one.

I wanted to re create a cat costume from the broadway musical “CATS”. I researched for the purrfect cat and decided to create my own using the best features of original characters. The suppies were simple: a unisuit, fabric paint, furr scraps from the craft store, a wig and makeup. I was lucky enough to have kept a furry pair of boots from my years of living up North. Found a cute pair of fingerless gloves and painted them as paws.

This unisuit had to be painted while wearing. I spent an entire day in the suit painting it. Then reralized it needed to dry sufficiently before I could remove it. The next step was  glueing random pieces of fur. Just a tip…dont use HOT glue to do this while wearing the unisuit. Quick drying fabric glue worked best and allowed me to wear it while adding the patches. A collar was made from a piece of fabric, velcro, an old pendant and silver sticker letters. Lastly sewing a cat tail I bought at a thrift store.

My employer allows us to dress for this holiday, so I needed makeup that would last 12 hours (between work and evening trick or treaters). I printed a picture of the cat that I loved best and taped it to my bathroom mirror as I applied my face. The makeup was not easy and took about an hour.

I did not encounter anyone who did not compliment me on my originality and creativity. My photo was on many cell phones that halloween. I especially enjoyed surprising my son  and visiting his classroom during my lunch time as they were having their party in school.

Cool Homemade Cat Costume

Cool Homemade Cat Costume

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