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Cool DIY Edward Scissorhands Costume – Two Months in the Making

I got the idea from the movie Edward Scissorhands and love to make Jonny Depp characters. I found a youtuber who made a couple different how to videos.

First I made the hands out of popsicle sticks poster board and craft foam. Once I did that I coated the scissors in resin casting then spray painted them. Then I attached them to leather gloves. The metal plates on the gloves are craft foam and old Scissor handles the little screws I made by getting actual screws and putting them into molding putty and making a bunch of resin cast screws.

The jacket I sewed myself and I sewed all the belts myself to. I used cosplay foam to help me make the belts. All the little details you see are made out of resin except for some belt buckles like the main belt buckle I made out of clay then painted. I already had the pants and boots, but I attached everything to them.

The makeup I did myself and the scars are tissues and glue. I started in this costume on September 7 and finished October 25th. I also made a time lapse of my progress. The cost for everything together was around $200. This was the most complicated costume I have ever made I almost gave up so many times (just about as many times as I super glued my fingers together or to something else) But it was worth it my friends were amazed and they loved it.

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