I was inspired by another Carnage Kid costume to make this one with a few minor tweaks. I hope that if you want to make this costume, my steps will be helpful. Have fun, and remember; don’t worry about messing up, paint is forgiving!

Who is Carnage Kid?

If you are not a comics person… Carnage Kid is the offspring of Venom (seen in Spiderman 3). Venom is a symbiote 1/2 alien that merges with a human host. In the comic series, a piece of the alien disconnected from Venom and merged with a serial killer to form Carnage.

And don’t forget to let everything dry thoroughly before going on to the next step[s]. Everything, I think, cost around $70-$90.

Making the Carnage Kid Costume


you’ll need: a red morph suit, black red and white paint, a ninja backpack, a lot of red straws (around 12), a red/pink pool noodle, a black sharpie marker, red ribbon, and tape.


The thick black lines which are the tendrils of the alien symbiote flowing around the body were created by using a tube of black acrylic paint and applying it straight from the tube. I let the paint dry overnight. After the lines were dry I added the fine lines that connect the large main ones with a black sharpie marker.

Teeth and Eyes

Because Carnage has a snake-like, unhinged, oversized mouth, I brought the bottom of the mouth to the bottom of my jaw line. The eyes were drawn in with pencil then painted over with white acrylic paint and are actually slightly above my real eyes so that I can see through the fabric.


I dumped out all accessories from the ninja backpack, including the swords and daggers. Then I taped the red straws together, a little randomly shaped. Then I made black lines with the black marker, then taped the straws in the sword’s and dagger’s holes. Make sure they are held firmly in place.

Main Arm Tentacle

Put the black and red paint on a plate and mix them together to make a red with black lined paint. Then put it all around the pool noodle, and tape the ribbon loosely around the noodle, and add some more ribbon in the noodles hole.


Well, well, well if you’re reading this I assume your tired, but the 6th step is just to admire your handiwork and put it on! Put the morph suit on first, then the backpack. Be gentle with it. Then put the noodle on! Anyway, like I said, I hope my steps were helpful, and stay spooky!