My son is a huge Spiderman fan and asked if I could make him a “Carnage” costume. If you are not a comic person… Carnage is the offspring of “Venom” (seen in Spiderman 3). Venom is a symbiote 1/2 alien that merges with a human host. In the comic series, a piece of the alien disconnected from Venom and merged with a serial killer to form Carnage.

To make this costume I started with a red morphsuit. I had my son wear it and traced out the area on the head that would become the eyes and mouth in pencil.  Because Carnage has a snake-like, unhunged, oversized mouth, I brought the bottom of the mouth to the bottom of my son’s jaw line.

The eyes were drawn in with pencil then painted over with white acrylic paint and are actually slightly above his real eyes so that he can see through the fabric. The thick black lines which are the tendrils of the alien symbiote flowing around the body were created by using a tube of black acrylic paint and applying it straight from the tube. I let the paint dry overnight then (x2 – 1 night for white, another for main black lines). After the lines were dry I added in the fine lines that connect the large main ones with a black sharpie marker. Another pass to refine the eyes and add dimension and shading to the teeth and we are all done!

Total build time was around 8 – 10 hours

Just finished and will be rolling it out for Halloween. If he does not grow too much, we should be able to enter the costume contest at the Chicago ComicCon next spring too.