Movie Quality DIY Spiderman Costume

Spiderman has been my inspiration ever since I was a little tyke. I borderline model my morals after him. I exercise to get as close to doing what he can do, and I’ve always wanted an awesome Spiderman costume. Problem is, all the ones I would see online were uber expensive. At the time I thought these expensive costumes were so awesome, but after I made my own they looked cheap and awful.

I didn’t want to make a Spiderman costume that already existed, so I went to the sketchbook and started brainstorming. I wanted the costume to be black and red, since that’s what Stan Lee actually intended it to be, like a Black Widow spider. I didn’t want it to be too scary so I kept the big white eyes, and I liked how the suit from the first Amazing Spiderman movie was shiny so I had to do that too. I also wanted really rough embroidery lines and asymmetrical web lines to make it look more “organic” if that makes sense, like it was made by a person, not a computer. This ended up being the result of that.

How to Make the Costume

  • The suit is comprised of the body, two detachable boots, two detachable gloves, and a mask.
  • What I did was I got grey and red spandex and made a template, cut it out, and stitched it together.
  • I made a zipper that goes from the left armpit, down the side, across the lower back, and then up to the right armpit, a U zipper.
  • Then there is a zipper in the back of the neck so my head can get through and the back of the mask, a zipper in the back of the actual mask, and one in the crotch so I can pee.
  • Then I used fabric paint to do the muscle shading on the grey parts, you know, to make me look all superhero ripped and such.
  • After that, I used washable marker to lay out where I wanted the web lines to go.
  • Next, I bought slick black, slick red, and matte black puff paint and made a very simple little hexagon on the costume so that it made a consistent pattern. It was brutally time consuming and patience testing, but ended up being worth it in the end.
  • The frames are molded out of onyx and the lenses are just perforated stickers and transparent film put together.
  • The soles of the boots are cut up aqua shoes glued to the fabric.
  • The chest spider and the back spider are cut out of a urethane sheet, and the back spider was spray painted with crimson red and iridescent medium.
  • For the webshooters, I molded little cones out of instamorph and sort of just glued them on to the gloves.

Reactions to the Costume

When children saw me, they flipped out so hard. It was incredible, and reminded me of myself when I was that age. I love giving children the joy of being Spiderman, and I suppose I have selfish reasons too. I also like having children admire me like I am Spiderman, so it s a win-win for everybody.

When my friends and adults see me, they’re amazed that I made it myself. When I wore it to school even the principal called me into his office to talk to me about it. I’ve heard many times that I look straight out of a movie and that I even make a better Spiderman than Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire. I personally don’t know about that, but I loved the reactions I got.

Movie Quality DIY Spiderman Costume

Movie Quality DIY Spiderman Costume

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