My husband Floyd is wearing this awesome Electro costume we made together. Halloween is our favorite holiday, so we thought for months how we were going to make this costume work and make it glow. We got the inspiration from the new Spiderman movie where Electro is introduced in the series.

We used a motocross armored jacket, motorcycle boots, a black turtleneck, black workout sweat shorts over black jeans, a black turtleneck under the jacket, baseball knee guards, foam floor tiles, UV face paint, white UV glow contacts, wire hangers, black electric tape, hot glue, silver spray paint, regular white and blue paint and battery operated UV black lights. I formed a harness out of wire hangers and wooden dowels to hold the UV lights in the correct position to shine on his face. Then I took the black electric tape and covered the whole harness in it so it wouldn’t show under the jacket. I used white and blue paint to hand-paint the lightning bolts all over the motocross jacket. The collar is carved out of a foam floor tile, spray painted silver, hand drew on designs, and hot glued onto the jacket. Once the contact lenses were put in and my husband was in his turtleneck, I hand-painted his whole head and neck first with the white UV paint, then the blue, I dabbed a few spots of red, then I hand drew all the lightning bolts in white, silver and a touch of red to give them definition. I hand-carved the small pager for his head from the floor foam and hand painted it with a mix of regular and UV paint to make it glow and designed it to look like the one in the movie. I used eyelash glue to stick it on to his head. He put everything on and I adjusted the lights to make him glow.