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Cool Homemade Insect Costumes: Butterfly and Ladybug

My 4 yr old girls wanted to be bugs, and I wanted them to be somewhat realistic – so I did an online search and found this site and saw the awesome things previous posters had done! I wanted their wings to be as appropriately sized as possible, and I can’t sew – but luckily we had some very sturdy cardboard boxes. I drew two wings for each bug and cut them out, and had my kids paint them. (though I must admit I drew the spots on the ladybug wings!) Made antennas out of an old headband and pipe cleaners and fuzzy balls. And worried and worried about how I was going to get those wings wearable. The butterfly wings were almost, almost!, too big. Finally I got elastic from the fabric store, did my best guess of where I wanted the wings to fit on their backs – took me at least a week to work up the courage to put holes in the wings we made, and thank goodness it worked! I glued a piece of fabric between the wings so they would stay together but still move.  A lot of time spent worrying, but otherwise surprisingly easy. Thank you to all those who have gone before :) Oh, and yes, we did win a little costume contest.





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