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Cute Handmade Toddler Butterfly Costume

Here’s my two year old toddler butterfly costume. She is on an animal kick right now and one of her favorite “animals” is the monarch butterfly. I thought that it would be cute for her to be her favorite “animal” for Halloween.

Materials used for the Butterfly costume.

  • Tulle (orange, black and yellow)
  • Sequins (orange)
  • Glitter (orange and black)
  • Clear School Glue
  • Hangers
  • Fabric (orange and black cotton)
  • Feather Monarch Butterflies
  • Barrette
  • Crocheted Headband Material

Directions for my Toddler Butterfly Costume

I made an orange double tutu with yellow on the bottom.  I then tied pieces of black tulle throughout it and glued the feather butterflies onto it.

In order to do the wings, I had to enlarge and print up a coloring page of a Monarch butterfly.  After taping the picture together and cutting it out, I pinned it to the black fabric and cut it out in the fabric. I then cut out the orange segments, pinned the paper to the orange fabric and cut them out.  I then sewed the segments onto the black fabric.  I did this twice, once for the front and once for the back.  After that, I hand sewed sequin on the edges of all of the orange segments.  I then sewed them together with the right sides facing and left a small hole so that I could carefully flip them the right way, I then sewed up the hole.

I was only wanting the hanger in the top of the wings, so I just covered the shaped hanger pieces with ribbon and hot glued them to the tops.  I then mixed the glitter with the glue and painted it onto both the black and orange pieces and sewed the completed wings to the tutu.

For the toddler butterfly costume barrette, I took a few of the feather butterflies and hot glued them to a barrette.

Everyone absolutely LOVES this toddler butterfly costume and they all compliment me on how beautiful my daughter looks in it.

Cute Handmade Toddler Butterfly Costume

Cute Handmade Toddler Butterfly Costume

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