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Cute DIY Butterfly from a Bag Costume

This butterfly costume was made for my 12 year old daughter to wear under a caterpillar costume for a quick change on a stage while performing In the musical Alice in Wonderland, jr.

The total cost is under $20.00.

It was designed to fold into itself as a bag and be worn on the shoulders using the hanging straps . The main fabric is a shower curtain from IKEA. Cut the butterfly freehand and had to layout the material to be sure the wings matched on both sides . Added the hat with antennas to give the wings lift. The bag velcros on each side and at the top. Pull down on the top Velcro and the entire butterfly is revealed, slip on the hat and the hand straps attached allow more lift to the wings. Moving the arms actually makes the wearer look like a real flying butterfly. within the wings is plastic tubing pulled from a storage mesh laundry type basket. Added sequins for sparkle and some flowing chifon on the bottom of the wings to flap in the air with movement.


The public reaction has been amazing and ingenious And gorgeous!

The irony is my daughter wrote a book called Caterpillar Stickers, Be Yourself and Be Butterfly Beautiful and because of this “part” she was able to act out some of her book by experiencing this transformation in this musical.

This was a very fun costume to make. The shower curtain fabric is durable and able to hold the tubing very well. The hat is 3 pieces sewn to clasp below the chin.

Cute DIY Butterfly from a Bag Costume

Cute DIY Butterfly from a Bag Costume

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