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Cool Clawdeen Wolf Monster High Costume

Clawdeen Wolf  (from bottom up)

I had a pair of dark brown tights, and I bought a pair of childrens purple leggings and cut them to be leg warmers.  The only thing that was made was the skirt. It was made out of purple felt left over from last year and underneath some black tulle fabric. The red t-shirt was a basic tank top that I had. A regular black jacket to which was sewn some felt on the end of the sleeves. I borrowed my friend’s purple scarf to make it look as if the jacket had a fur collar.

I had a black elastic hair band as a necklace. The wig was bought in a local shop, I believe it cost no more than $6. To make the ears, I cut out the shapes in cardboard and stuck some brown felt to them. Then I stuck them on my hairband.

That’s all, cheap DIY costume made out of clothes I already owned and a few bought props.

Cool Clawdeen Wolf Monster High Costume

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