I absolutely am a huge Batman fan… Like in love with him :) so I thought who else just loves batman and is obsessed? The Joker! So I decided to be the female joker! I love the character, but there are no good costumes out there for women. So I was on a mission to put one together.

I got my boyfriend to be the Riddler and my friend to be Poison Ivy! All of our pictures are from the Halloween festival in Columbus Ohio called highball on high! We got a lot of great comments and lots of people that wanted to get pictures taken with us! We found a lot of the pieces at the thrift shop And got very lucky.


For my face I used white face paint, eye shadow and green eyelashes. I used red lipstick I already had for my lips. Then.. Put on my wig!


We found the coat and cut out question marks and glued them all over. Bought the cane, and added a mask and a question mark to a derby hat.

Poisin Ivy

She bought a green body suit and lots of ivy! Used eyeliner to draw on her face and bought the wig.