My costume idea came from wanting a cool robot costume that incorporated non-traditional materials. One of my main goals was making a costume I could sit in at my desk at work. Mixing metallic colors and materials made for a fun costume with a hint of vintage.

A lot of items that make up my costume came from the hardware store. The main material is Bubble Foil Insulation. The robot top was made by using a pattern for a vest, from the fabric store. All the pieces were cut from the insulation and taped together using aluminum Foil Tape where the seams would normally be sewn. The edges are finished with bias tape and metallic duck tape. Two hinges with clasp are used to close the robot top.

The skirt was made from panels cut from the insulation and attached to a long sleeve t-shirt. This made it possible to sit in the costume at work. I also sewed on a strip of quilt binding to cover the edge where the skirt panels attached to the skirt.

The robot top has two panels of lights that light up and are powered by batteries. They are Christmas lights that are attached to the back of the robot top in a pattern. Paper fasteners were used to attach the gears and hinges to give it a more industrial look. Mexican coins were added as dials.

Metallic leggins and shoes were purchased online to complete the outfit.

For the robot gun, a plastic nerf gun was purchased, taken apart and spray painted.

Working with the insulation and tape was challenging at times. But it was worth it in the end. All of my co-works loved the costume and everyone was very curious how it was made. Halloween is also my birthday and it is my tradition to make an original handmade costume every year.