Colonel Sanders is Back for Halloween!

I had wanted to be Colonel Sanders for a while. I started this costume about 6 months ahead. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a white suit. I finally found the coat in an antique mall for $10. After spending $6 on dry cleaning, it looked pretty nice. The coat had brass buttons when I bought it, but I put white buttons on it. I bought the white pants from the back of a party store that used to rent tuxedos.

The string tie is a clip on! But, it looked pretty good. The glasses were bought online from sunglass warehouse. I bought a cane from a yard sale for a dollar, then I used craft paint to make it black. I actually emailed a modern day Colonel Sanders impersonator, Johnny Miller, about advice on making it realistic. He was really helpful.

I won the costume contest at the party I attended. I even watched YouTube videos of old KFC commercials and memorized a few to say to people. It was the best and most fun costume I’ve ever done. I’m only 16, so for the white hair I used a few cans of the spray dye. I bought a beard and cut it up to make the mustache and goatee. Thanks for looking!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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