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Cheap Mom and Baby Robber and Moneybag Costume

I carry my 8 month old son in a carrier called a BOBA. He is usually always strapped to my back and never in a stroller. For Halloween I knew that I wanted to decorate the carrier itself as part of my costume. I thought of several options. The most easy to make at home was dress me as a Robber and my son’s carrier as a money bag. What an easy process!

I took a tan pillow case I had and cut slits along the sides to pull the straps through, free handed a stencil of a $ sign out of poster board and spray painted it in black to the front of the pillow case and filled it with just a little bit of cotton stuffing. Next, I took dollar store money and glued it, along with cheap beaded necklaces, to a thin strip of cardboard and slipped that into the top of the pillow case.

My costume was simple. I already had cloves, a black beanie, a white and black striped shirt, and black skinny jeans. I went to Ross and found a pair of studded boots and a 99 cent mask and there you had it. A simple, fun, Mom and Baby costume! It was the talk of the party. And so cheap!

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