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Cheap Homemade Han Solo Costume – Girl Version

Seemed simple enough. Boots , black Jeans and white-ish shirt we had. Went to thrift stoe and purchased a jacket. Cut sleeves and converted it to a vest. Used fabric from arms to make pockets on vest front.

The gun holster and gun were a bit more challenging. Went to usual toy stores and was unable to find a Star Wars gun…so I had to make that too.

Gun: Used 4 layers of 1/4″ foam core and cut out the gun shape. A plastic putty knife was used for the gun handle. The spatula part  was sandwiched b/w the foamcore and the handle was exposed – this was gun handle – which was wrapped with the 1/16″  foam insulation and then taped over w/ maskingtape to form the handle. Gun barrel was fashioned from several sheet of paper, rolled tightly to form a cylinder then wrapped in duct tape shaped and glued to gun body. A marker was used for the scope. Some drywall screws and washers were attached/fastened to the gun  and the silencer on end was formed from foam sheet material.

Holster : Made from foam sheets, which were cut and glued.  Looked on-line at Hans Solo images to get shape and design of this holster:- buckle, connectors and all the straps. For the buckle : Spray-painted cardboard (silver) and velcro was used as the “fastener” to hold the belt on her waist, this made it easy to take off and put on.

May the Force be with all of you costumed  Jedis and Bounty Hunters!!!

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