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Cheap and Easy Costume: Steve from Minecraft

My 4 yr old wanted to be Steve from the popular Minecraft video game. I thought it would be cool and probably very cheap costume. I was sure it would also be a huge hit too !

I started out with looking for a free template of Steve’s head. I printed it out on regular size paper. I made sure it was colored prints. I found a box that would fit the paper perfectly for his head. I attached the papers on the box with regular glue nothing special. I  found a longer rectangle box for his body and bought a large poster board of that blue/aqua color for Steve’s shirt. I glued that as well. I was sure to cut out the eyes as a square next to Steve’s eyes.

I paired his costume with some regular jeans and another blue shirt on the bottom.  I made some holes on the head to be able to tie under his chin which he did struggle a little but it was last minute. I couldn’t figure out what to hold it with so we used a enough yarn. We went out trick or treating that night and everyone loved his costume.

Kids were saying Hi Steve! Cool Costume Steve. Mom’s were asking me where I had bought the costume. Surprised I had made it all at home and how cheap it was and how cool it looked. My son loved all the attention too. Definitely unique and so cheap to make. Absolutely loved it. It’s very simple and doesn’t take a lot of time to make. Attached is the picture of the boxes since he was so excited to wear it around the house before Halloween night.

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