Coolest Homemade Gory Chemical Burn Costume

Homemade Gory Chemical Burn Costume

I did all this makeup on my own with tissue (1 ply) Liquid latex, coffee grounds and raw rice. I think this Homemade Gory Chemical Burn Costume is overall disgustingly gory and so simple to do, anyone could do it!! It’s always fun to be something that turns heads on Halloween and who wouldn’t stare … Read more

Coolest Homemade Jack and Jill Fell Down a Hill Costume

Homemade Jack and Jill Fell Down a Hill Costume

Jack and Jill are always cute! Not this time. They really fell down a hill! Jill: Dress and white top bought from thrift store, then cut and shredded and rubbed in dirt. Blond wig was bought at a dollar store didn’t need to be perfect! Jack was “impaled” so I got a bucket cut in … Read more

Coolest Tennis Player Costume

Wrecked Tennis Player

For the last five years I have been creating walking illusion costumes and this year, I did it again. I created the “Wrecked Tennis Player”. The best thing of this costume, was that it wasn’t heavy and bulky like the ones that I have made before. I took an old tennis racket that I had … Read more

Coolest Magic Trick Gone Wrong Couple Costume

Coolest Magic Trick Gone Wrong Couple Costume 4

My husband and I LOVE Halloween and we like to be really unique with our costumes! This year we decided to be a magician and his assistant – with a twist!! The costume is called “Magic Trick Gone Wrong” and is based off of the famous magic trick of cutting the assistant in half. In … Read more

Grotesque Costume

This grotesque costume of a waitress is easy to make. I purchased a white blouse and black pants at a local thrift store. I purchased the apron and hat online for about $40.00. The wig I had leftover from a witches costume. The rat in my mouth is operated by a toggle switch with your … Read more

Coolest Spooky Halloween Costume

Sunshine Bear was Mighty Upset

I came up with this idea for a spooky Halloween costume after making a gash on my face for another party. I really wanted to do a few gashes and make them look like a bear attack. For Halloween what would be better than a bear attackā€¦a feral Care Bear Attack, yes. The gashes are … Read more