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Coolest Homemade Horror Movie Victim Halloween Costume

I give Halloween my all every year, but this Horror Movie Victim Halloween costume has got to be my all-time favorite. It was simple, sexy, and scary, an homage to the early 80’s but also timeless. One of my favorite things about it was that at a glance, it was just shorts, a t-shirt, and tube socks. The moment when people actually saw the hilt of the knife and the bloody, gaping wound was a moment of triumph I got to have again and again throughout the night.

I ordered the t-shirt from a website that let me design my own summer-camp logo. The knife hilt was soft plastic, attached with spirit gum and decorated with Bottle O Blood. My favorite small touch was a temporary-tattoo-style batch of fake scratches that looked wonderfully real when applied to my arm. Those supplies and the blond wig were the extent of my costume store shopping. I cut the front of the shirt to accommodate the knife, and then paired it with some cutoff shorts and sneakers that I already had and some American Apparel tube socks with a 70’s-tastic green stripe.

For me, this was the perfect Halloween costume – comfortable and fun with a healthy dose of horror.

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