Coolest Homemade Yellow School Bus Halloween Costume

Homemade Yellow School Bus Halloween Costume

My son had so much fun wearing this homemade Yellow School Bus Halloween costume inspired by his love of the classic yellow school bus! At 4 years of age, he has amassed quite a large collection of figurines representing ALL modes of transportation, and his school bus collection is no exception! I searched his playroom … Read more

Coolest Airplane Costume

Homemade Bi Plane Costume

For this Bi Plane Costume I started out using four cardboard boxes and four rolls of Duct tape my favorite… The first box is the largest of them. I cut a hole in it to place over the pilot’s head to make sure he can get into it from the bottom and that he can … Read more

Coolest Homemade Mom and Baby Aviator Costumes

Homemade Mom and Baby Aviator Costumes

My idea to be a team of mother and baby aviators originated from an aviator style winter hat that I bought my 6 month old son a few months ago. I made matching scarves and goggles out of black and white felt and a patch for his shirt that said “Jr Pilot”. I finished off … Read more

Coolest Lemon Laura’s Ice Cream Truck with Whiteboard

Coolest Lemon Laura's Ice Cream Truck with Whiteboard - with lights on

Lemon Laura’s Ice Cream Truck was a big hit at a school Halloween dance and town parade where she could easily maneuver around with the lights glowing, ice cream truck song playing, ringing her bell. She could also relax in a chair inside the costume while children drew and wrote on the whiteboard side of … Read more

Coolest NY Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign Couple Costume

Homemade NY Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign Couple Costume

My brother Jesse and I went as the Walk/Don’t Walk signs in NY for Halloween last year. Jesse got the idea while walking around NYC and trying to think of something that would be instantly recognizable, but also flashy and would work perfectly for the 2 of us. The Homemade NY Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign Couple … Read more

Coolest Pedestrian Costume

Homemade Pedestrian Costume

Homemade Pedestrian Costume: To make it, you have to find some big signs, it can be a cardboard. It just needs to be flat and rough. Then, buy some bright yellow paper. You can paint it too. After that, draw or paint a big black lign. You can also had a little sign where it’s … Read more

Coolest Homemade Car Engine Costume

Homemade Car Engine Costume

Our Nine year old son came up with the idea for this Car Engine Costume and the whole family kind of ran with it. We started with a large box donated by a local store, next we laid out the arm and head holes to fit his size. We used plastic water bottles for the … Read more

The Deadilest Catch Costume

Homemade Deadilest Catch Costume

For this “The Deadliest Catch” costume, I used one long cardboard box and one smaller. I cut the hole out to make sure of the fit. Then I started to see what I wanted. I taped the control bridge on and shaped it up to look like a ship. I used plastic separators from them … Read more

Coolest Formula One Transfomer Costume

Homemade Formula One Transfomer Costume

I’m an artist living in Austin, TX who spends every September and October making my kids Halloween costumes. My son wanted to be a Transformer again. As an experiment, I wanted to see if I could motorize his wheels this time and make the costume functional as a car. His body serves as the frame. … Read more

Coolest DIY Train Engineer Stroller Halloween Costume

Coolest Train Engineer Stroller Halloween Costume

My son Kaydin is 2 yrs old and just loves trains so I made the train as a shell for his stroller Halloween costume. It’s made out of cardboard and held together with tape and hot glue. I used 3 large flat sheets of cardboard and 1 thinner bendable sheet of cardboard by first measuring … Read more

Cool Homemade Thomas The Tank Engine Costume

thomas the tank engine costume

My son is now 3 and has been a Thomas fan since he stole our neighbour’s Thomas Train at 10 months old! So I had to make a Thomas the Tank Engine costume for him. Making Thomas the Tank Engine Costume We used a diaper box. He helped paint it blue on the middle and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Norfolk Southern Train Costume

norfolk southern train costume

So, our son, Cole, has been in love with trains since he was about two years old. He loves to watch the Norfolk Southern trains pass through.  When he was two he said he wanted to be a train for Halloween. If you look on the internet there are tons of ideas for Thomas – … Read more