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Coolest Pedestrian Costume

Homemade Pedestrian Costume:

To make it, you have to find some big signs, it can be a cardboard. It just needs to be flat and rough. Then, buy some bright yellow paper. You can paint it too. After that, draw or paint a big black lign. You can also had a little sign where it’s wrote Pedestrian or in French, Piéton (like the picture).

After, it begins to be a little more complicated. You take a tool to do 6 holes. Personnally, scissors are ok but a I prefer a blade. Add some Velcro’s to attach yourself like a back pack on the shoulders and around the waist. Then, you just have to be all in the black.

What is cool about this Homemade Pedestrian Costume is that you’re light in the dark, so it’s secure. But if you are going to a party, it can be cumbersome.
Also if you want to be different at an other party, you can be orange with a shovel to be a construction sign. Also you can be two in the costume like a student cross.

Have fun with the costume!

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