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Pedestrian X-ing Morph Suit Costume

This Pedestrian X-ing morph suit costume was inspired by the fact that I am a single parent of two lovely boys . I was driving one day on my way to pick up my boys from school when I noticed a Teen and his 4-5 year old sibling trying to cross to the other side of the road. Unfortunately four drivers went by and none of them cared to stop.

I came to a full stop, waved to the kids with my hand to make sure that they knew I was giving them the right away to cross safely to the other side. I believe that drivers do not respect most of the signs on the roads. Also a driver needs to be more aware of their surroundings.

As I waited for the boys to cross the street I thought to myself how can I make people be more aware of the meaning of pedestrian crossing? then I thought this would be a great Halloween costume for the Crystal shopping center Trick or Treat and the Arbor Lakes Fall festival. I knew lots and lots of people would be there and not only would it be a creative do it yourself costume, but it will bring awareness to the community.

So I decided to go to Michael’s purchased Elmer’s glue, three sheets of yellow construction paper, black electrical tape, cut a cardboard box and got to work. My son had a black one piece morph suit that I had previously purchased at Goodwill for $ 2.99. We put it all together in a couple of hours. We were ready to show off our creative morph suit costume.

My son wore it today to the Crystal shopping center Trick or Treat festival and won a prize for the best homemade costume!!! He was getting lots of compliments from others. It felt great to be able to raise awareness in such a fun way. Arbor Lakes Fall festival here we come.


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