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Coolest Homemade Bus Stop Halloween Costume

I hate dressing up as something that’s already been seen, so I was trying to come up with an original idea for ages! I ended up leaving it til the day before Halloween to make my costume. I decided to go with an inanimate object, a Homemade Bus Stop Halloween Costume!

Firstly I got some tick cardboard, I cut out a big circle, then I cut a smaller circle out of the bottom of that (like the size of my head) and cable-tied a hardband onto the cut out circle. I painted my cut out bus-stop-blue (the colour of Dublin bus stops) then with yellow paint I painted ‘Bus Stop’ onto it with the Dublin Bus logo. This is the head piece finished.

I then got a cereal box (or two) and stuck enough together to wrap around the centre of my body. I painted this blue and then cut the bus timetable out of the Independent Directory and stuck it on. I then got blue string (well actually I didn’t have time to look for this so I painted shoe laces blue) and put one through punched holes from the right hand front of the centre piece to the right hand back of it. And from the left hand front to the left hand back. This is to hold it on me. This is the centre of the costume finished.

I then got a pair of blue shorts and a blue top. All there was left to do was paint all of my body that was visible blue (I used acrylic paint as I was in a rush and it was all I had, but I wouldn’t advise this, its cracks and is irritating. You can find body paint in most costume/joke shops).

I then painted a swimming hat blue. Cut two holes in it to put the hair band through. Put the centre piece on held on my shoulders by the shoe laces. I hope you like the finished piece! I also painted a pair of runners blue (or sneakers as they’re called in America).

Bus Stop Halloween Costume

Bus Stop Halloween Costume

Bus Stop Halloween Costume

Bus Stop Halloween Costume

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1 thought on “Coolest Homemade Bus Stop Halloween Costume”

  1. IT must be sooo depressing to be dressed up as a bus stop – it’s a bit like the “friendship stop”‘s in 90’s schools, if you stayed there for more than a moment, and hope of friendship would indeed, stop. Poor thing! It is a good costume though.


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