I am a bus driver and my son rides with me. He just loves school buses. So, the only costume suitable for him was a Homemade School Bus Costume. Since there are no bus costumes out there, I had to get creative and this is what we came up with.

This costume is made from things I found around the house:

A cardboard box, cups, paper, tape, paint, brads, a broken pair of sunglasses (for the stop sign),
Christmas lights, duct tape, fabric and glue.

We started with a cardboard box for the body and attached an empty sandwich-bag box for the engine. We used cut plastic cups to make the “shields” for the lights. The whole thing was painted yellow. We added windows using construction paper and painted on details like passengers, driver, front grill, signs etc.

The wheels were also cut from cardboard. They were originally glued but my son was upset the wheels didn’t go “round & round”; we therefore detached them & reattached using brads so the wheels would go around. The red lights in the front & back were actual lights that lit up. We used battery-operated Christmas lights. We reinforced some areas with duct tape, packing tape & glue.

As for the stop sign, we made the sign & attached it using a broken pair of plastic sunglasses. This way the stop sign would come out & could shut again.

My son loved this costume so much. It did require a lot of work but I do see him playing with this for as long as it holds up.