Adorable Homemade Toddler School Bus Costume

My 3 year-old son wanted to be a school bus for Halloween. However, with a limited budget I had to get creative. Here’s what I did to make this toddler school bus costume:

So I took a cardboard box, some paints, ribbon, construction paper, stickers, and two flashlights and got creative!

The day of our town pumpkin walk I still had not finished it. So, I brought it to the school where I work as a sub and finished it up on my break.

Toddler School Bus Costume Reactions

The third graders were in love with it and even the principal thought it was cute as I carried it out at the end of the day.

My son loves it.  The “headlights” were wonderful on the dark wooded path during the pumpkin walk and it got lots of compliments!

toddler school bus costume

toddler school bus costume

toddler school bus costume