Coolest STOP Sign Costume

This year my son wanted to be a STOP sign for Halloween. This Homemade STOP Sign Costume ended up being one of the easier ones I’ve made, so far.

We used a black sweatshirt and sweatpants to help him blend into the night. For the post, I sewed a tube from shiny silver material and stuffed it with pillow stuffing before safety pinning it to the front of the sweatshirt.

The STOP sign, itself, is made out of a thin piece of red foam board. I cut it into an octogon, covered the edges in white electrical tape, cut out a face hole (which I covered the edges of with red duct tape), and painted STOP with white craft paint. To stay on my son’s head, I attached elastic in an X formation on the back, just around the back of his head. I then covered the entire back of the sign with gray duct tape and attached a head covering of the same silver fabric used for the post to hide the back of his head and the elastic. Red face paint all over with white face paint to finish the missing parts of the T and O and we’re done.

I still want to make a homemade Yard Sale sign and put it on his back for visual interest from the rear.

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