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Coolest 40+ Homemade Jellyfish Costumes

Swim your way to an amazingly unique homemade costume with this collection of jellyfish costumes. Learn how to create these iridescent, shimmery and wavy DIY costumes from the many tutorials here.

Glowing and gorgeous, these homemade costumes will stun this Halloween. As an added bonus, they will also light your path as you trick or treat! Also, children and adults of all ages are inspired to dress up in these aquatic costumes.

Get the flowing tentacles of this mysterious creature. Take a look at the tutorials here and learn the construction secrets for creating these DIY costumes.

In addition, making the proper costume shape is key. Get great ideas to make the bell of the jellyfish. You will see people here who cleverly used umbrellas and even sombreros for their homemade costume.

So whip out your bubble wrap and glow sticks for an epic DIY costume this Halloween.

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