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Glowing Jellyfish Costume

My 8 year old daughter wanted a glowing Jellyfish costume for Halloween. OK. Here’s how we pulled it together.

Glowing Jellyfish Costume Instructions

  • We took an old sombrero and spray painted it blue.
  • Then we filled it with a long coil of bubble wrap.
  • Next, we added silver party bag filler for sparkle.
  • Then we hot glued green battery operated lights inside.
  • We covered it with a layer of bubble wrap, flat side up, to make it smooth.
  • The whole thing got a wrap of sheer, yet shimmery fabric.
  • Then we hot glued sparkly ribbons, elastic sparkly ribbon, and fabric spirals in iridescent fabric around the bottom.
  • The costume was awesome, but it needed more, so I added a skirt onto a black t-shirt.
    I then made a caplet to hold more fabric tentacles.

This costume is beyond cool. It floats when my daughter walks. I am so excited for Halloween and she is over the Moon!


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