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Sexy Jammin’ Jellyfish Couple Costume

It seemed a little ambitious at first to create LED-lit Jellyfish costumes that would be believable and funny, yet cute. But I am so pleased with how they turned out and we really were the hit of the party (many parties) on Halloween. Here’s how I made them:

I started by purchasing two felt cowboy hats and two salad bowls from the dollar store – these were used to make the tops by hot-gluing the salad bowls upside down onto the felt hats. I then wrapped many layers of blue glitter tulle around the tops, until you could no longer see the hat or bowl underneath.

Next, I used the battery-operated LED wires I had ordered from Amazon – they were about $5.00 each and so beautiful and bright (plus, they still have juice from over 24+ hours of being on). Since I intend to reuse them, I placed a Velcro strip on the back of the battery pack with a corresponding strip on the inside of the hat – this way I could attach the lights to the top but they are removable. I wrapped one strand of wire around the tulle (taping every so often to keep it in place), and then I went over the wire with a few more layers of tulle to hide the cord.

For the tentacles, I went to the craft store and bought a variety of jelly-esque fabric/material – like sequinned ribbon. I scrunched some of the blue glitter tulle and wrapped it around the base of the top, so that I could tie each ribbon in little knots from the tulle. I cut them at varying lengths so they looked realistic.

And that’s basically it! These were a total blast to make and wear, and like I said everyone adored them. If you’d like more detail about what I used or did to make my Jellyfish costume, please let me know.

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