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Coolest Breathing Jellyfish Costume

This breathing Jellyfish costume was a really easy costume to make. I already had everything at home so it didn’t cost me a cent. I used a see-through dome umbrella for the top, covered with white tulle.

The tentacles were made from strips of white fabric. Some of the strips I hand sewed a large zigzag through then pulled tight making it look more like tentacles. These were then just stapled to the edges of the umbrella and tied to the rods underneath. My daughter wore white clothes underneath the costume.

To make it breath, all my daughter had to do is put the umbrella up and down in the center. I actually hadn’t planned on making it breath, I only realized it looked so good when my daughter had trouble putting the umbrella all the way up.

My favorite part was watching the amazement on the teachers faces at my daughters school and seeing her win a prize for her costume.


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