Coolest Homemade Loofah Costume Idea

Homemade Loofah Costume Idea

After trying to come up with a homemade costume idea, I started thinking about household items that I could possibly be. When I got to thinking about shower items, it was no longer a question, I thought of a Loofah Costume Idea. I bought some tulle material (about 15-20 yards) at Joann’s fabrics, along with … Read more

Coolest Homemade Loofah Costume

Coolest Ideas for Quick Halloween Costumes

I was tired of seeing all the “sultry” costumes on females and was only interested in quick Halloween costumes this year. I walked around the house and looked for a non-sexy object. After looking around I was inspired, and a few old t-shirts, a quick run to the fabric store for some tulle and a … Read more

Cool Loofah Halloween Costume

Loofah Halloween Costume

I wanted to be something completely different and not wear some expensive piece of plastic from a Halloween store. So, I went to a fabric shop, purchased 20 yards of pink tulle, a load of safety pins and some big rope looking thing, voila! Pink Loofah. For less than $20. This Loofah Halloween costume was … Read more

Coolest DIY “The Loofahettes” Loofah Costume


We wanted an original group idea and searched all the stores, and decided on a DIY “The Loofahettes” Loofah costume. We took 15 yards of each color tulle, wrapped ourselves once over and used that as a base. Then we took bunches and started stapling and safety pinning like crazy. Underneath we just wore a … Read more

Coolest Loofah Halloween Costume

Loofah Halloween Costume

I got my idea from this website for a Loofah Halloween costume. Everyone at the party loved it, they thought it was so funny. It took FOREVER to make though, because I had to wear it for 2 different parties, so I decided to sew it instead of using safety pins. I had never touched … Read more

Coolest Homemade Soap and Loofah Couple Costume

Homemade Soap and Loofah Couple Costume

After seeing some adorable loofah costumes on this site, I decided to make my own and have my wife dress as a bar of soap! It was a really cute Homemade Soap and Loofah Couple Costume and here’s how I did it: For the loofah: I found a bright pink cotton romper on the sale … Read more

Fun DIY Loofah Halloween Costume

Loofah Halloween Costume

I wanted to dress up for Halloween but I didn’t want to look like everyone else. So, I came to this website and found the loofah Halloween costume idea from Wendy and thought it was a great idea! I bought 50 yards of tulle and 150 safety pins. It took me awhile to get all … Read more

Coolest Bath Time Fun Couple Costume

Coolest Bath Time Fun Couple Costume

My boyfriend and I went as Bath Time Fun Couple Costume for Halloween! I was a loofah and my boyfriend went as my “loofah user!” I made my costume with a cheap tube dress/swimsuit cover up from Target, 15 yards of tulle, safety pins and a white rope from the curtain department at a craft … Read more

Easy Homemade Loofah Costume

Loofah Costume

I saw the two other loofahs on this site and started working right away on my loofah costume. However, I couldn’t find any direct instructions to make it, so I figured I’d add some of my own. First, this is what to buy: I found a long shirt/dress a the local department store on sale … Read more

Coolest Loofa Costume

Homemade Loofa Costume

This year I had a broken leg but still made it out for Halloween. I had a lot of time on my hands and decided to make a Homemade Loofa Costume. I just used a nude colored tube top dress and I got pink and purple tule and lots of safety pins and pinned it … Read more

Funny DIY Loofah Costume

First thing in the AM

I found the idea for a loofah costume here and ran with it. I used pink tulle and a LOT of safety pins. I gathered squares of the tulle in one bunch then safety pinned it together and then safety pinned it to a pink shirt. I wore pink shorts and some stretch pants under … Read more

Cool Soap and Loofah Couple Costume

Homemade Soap and Loofah Couple Costume

I had made the Homemade Soap and Loofah Couple Costume with about 150-200 safety pins ( I lost count) and an old dress turned inside out (tub top style). The soap we got a box and fabric and cut out letters with SOAP on it. This costume took me about 2 weeks to do. But … Read more