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Cool Homemade Loofah Halloween Costume

Last year I went as a bath loofah; it was the best costume of the night! Everywhere I turned, people were rubbing? and scrubbing? up on me! I started with a green t-shirt from a craft store; Michael’s and Hobby Lobby have them for decent prices.

I used tons and tons of safety pins and layers of tulle to create the look. A piece of rope completed the whole thing. Underneath my totally rocking Homemade Loofah Halloween Costume, I wore black leggings and flat black shoes. This could be a “sexy” costume if paired with a short skirt or dress. Tip: Make sure the pieces are long wide strips, then just keep looping and pinning.

Crush the tulle with your hands before to get it as fluffy and full as possible. Also, instead of starting to pin from the top down, try starting in the middle so as to blend it all together.

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