Coolest Loffah Halloween Costume

Homemade Loofah Halloween Costume

I went with the Loofah Halloween costume this year. I, too, got the idea from Wendy on the Coolest Homemade costumes website. I pretty much made my costume the same way as everyone else on here did. I didn’t actually use tulle though, I think what I bought was called netting [I’m not really familiar … Read more

Cool Shower Loofah Halloween Costume

Shower Loofah Halloween Costume

This year was kind of crazy for me. Being that I am an “adult” now, I was over the whole sexy costumes that every girl in college wore. I decided to be something that was basic but easy and that I could still be sexy but sexy-ute. I talked to a friend and decided the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Loofah Costume

Homemade Loofah Costume

I was in a hurry last year to make a costume at the last minute and found your website. I found the Loofah Costume and thought it looked pretty easy! As it turns out, it was! I started with a black ribbed tank top as my base. I put the tank top around the end … Read more

Cool Loofah Costume

For Halloween 2010 I wanted to go as something not everyone was going to be. so I actually got my idea from this site!! I thought the loofa was very cute and it really was easy to make once you get the hang of it. My friend got her idea from here too and went … Read more