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Funny Loofah Homemade Costume

I wanted something unique and funny for my company costume contest. I saw the girl in the green loofah on this website, and I was sold! (thanks Wendy in FL!)

I decided to be a loofah, but expand on it a little. I bought 20 yards of purple netting on sale for $.77/yd. (tulle will work too), 1 yard of white cording, and box of safety pins at a craft store. I had an old black dress that I never wore, so I cut it off just above the knee. This was my base to anchor the netting to. A tank top would probably work too or even a t-shirt.

Then, I just started bunching the netting and safety pinning it until I covered the dress completely. It only took about an hour. You could sew it, but that would take a lot longer. When it was done, I thought it still needed “something”.

So, I went to a costume store and got a purple clown wig for $4 and a white mask for $.60 (they were having a great sale). I have a long sleeved purple shirt to wear and black pants. When it was all finished I decided to call myself the “Showerpuff Girl” and be a “CLEAN” super hero!

To top it off, I am going to take a bottle of bubbles and blow bubbles during the costume contest. I think I have a good chance? what do you think? Even if I don’t win, I know I will get some laughs!

Total Cost: $23

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  1. I was all over this site the other day and decided to be a loofah. So I went to the fabric store and bought 20 yards of purple netting! Also fake eye lashes, and a bottle of body wash which im swited out to be bubbles! Great minds think alike!!

  2. I love your outfit i bought 25yards of pink stuff and sewed it, bunched together and I bought big eye lashes and wore tights


    So do you cut the netting first and then pin it or how does that work? OK, so I’m a little crazy to do this the night before but I am willing to stay up late!

  4. First, sorry for not responding. I know its probably too late now as Halloween is over… but here goes.

    Bill V. — You can get nylon netting or tulle at any fabric/craft store.

    Anonymous – RE: Need Help! — There was no cutting involved. I just bunched it on the outside of the dress (the base), and safety pinned it from the underneath, so that none of the safety pins were showing. I did this all the way around until it was covered. I hope you figured it out!! Sorry for not responding sooner!

    Thanks for all the comments!! I didn’t win the contest at work. Some guy dressed up as Hulk Hogan and wore a yellow speedo…needless to say, he had the “shock factor” and he got the votes. I did get plenty of laughs though, so it was still worth it!! :0)

  5. I’m going to make one too but I have decided to get some polyfil and make a ‘soap suds’ hat and maybe put some in various places on the loofah!

  6. You bout 20/30yards but how wide was the tulle? My local fabric shop sells tulle 1m wide for 7$ or under skirt netting for 2.40$ a yard and they are 1m wide also. Thanks

  7. successfully made mine today. bought 26 yards of purple toulle. I chose the coarsest kind I could find at just over $1.00 per yard. no cutting involved. I bought a large shirt, cut it’s sleeves off and made it into a short dress.

    I used safety pins to do all the work. I chose to spraypaint my safety pins a matching purple so that they would blend in better. The whole process of pinning the fabric and bunching only took me about 2.5 hours.

    I also used upholstery cord because it was super thick and only .29 per yard.

    Wore this over black leggings and a form fitting black long sleeve shirt. It was a hit!

  8. Would you suggest cutting the tulle into strips, bunching the strips and then safety pinning each bunch on? Or try to safety pin all 25yrds in one go?

  9. I did not cut it into strips. I just left it on the cardboard and unrolled it as I went. It really didn’t take me long at all. I was looking for easy.

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