Coolest Jukebox Costume

FUN-ctinoal Jukebox Costume

I got my inspiration from the “You can’t handle me” video by Robyn. In the video, she has a jukebox-type outfit on, so I thought it would be really cool to make a jukebox dress that would be cute because it’s a dress, but also take it up a notch and make it functional by … Read more

Cool iPhone Costume

Homemade iPhone Costume

My entire plan was to wear one costume, all Halloween weekend. However, with more Halloween parties presented to me than ever before, I decided I needed another quick one to maintain a fresh Halloween look. So I found instructions for creating an iPhone costume with posterboard but decided I wanted something more original than that. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Television Costume

Homemade Television Costume

This is a televison costume I made for my 9 year old son. We used a large box that had a screen sized hole in the front for his face, as if he was the picture on that channel. The box had arm holes and rested over his head. It came complete with a huge … Read more

iPhone Costume

Homemade iPhone Costume

After the iPhone craze I decided it would be great to dress up as one. I bought two pieces of foam board (gray and black). I printed the icons large and pasted them on. I used foil for the apple on the back and silver duct tape for the outside rim. I used regular duct … Read more

iPod costume

We were told to make your own Halloween costumes for our Halloween party. I got the inspiration for this costume from my iPod, no other! I found this great Styrofoam board from Lowes. Then I cut the board, attached it with string and added the roll thing! It took about three hours to make. Total … Read more

Calculator Costume

Calculator Costume

My son loves calculators and when Halloween was coming up a few years ago we told him he could be anything he wanted to be. Of course he wanted to be a calculator. I knew it would take a little work but it wasn’t so difficult. We used a box and cut it down to … Read more

Coolest Homemade iPhone Commercial Remix Costume

Homemade iPhone Commercial Remix Costume

This year I decided to go with that old iPod Commercial where the people are blacked out and dancing with a lot of energy. The commercial also consisted of a colorful background and, of course, an iPod with white earphones. I gave it a little twist, though; I replaced the old iPod with an iPhone. … Read more

iPod costume

I was always told that if you make your own Halloween costumes it is always much more fun than buying one ready made so I got the idea to do an Ipod shadow commercial by watching a commercial during one of my regular television shows. I saw the commercial and decided that’s what I wanted … Read more

Coolest Homemade iPod Couple Costume

Homemade iPod Couple Costume

This Homemade iPod Couple Costume is actually from a few years ago, but we still get compliments on it. We made them out of foam rubber, folded in half and stitched up the sides and cut out a hole in the top for our heads. I designed the front and backs of the iPods in … Read more

Coolest Sexy iPhone Costume

Homemade Sexy iPhone Costume

This Homemade Sexy iPhone Costume was made for the Halloween right after the iPhone came out…so everyone was obsessed with the fact that I HAD an iPhone. So what better than to acknowledge it even more and BE an iPhone! To make the body I just sewed a piece of black fabric to a piece … Read more

Coolest Homemade Working iPhone Costumes

Homemade Working iPhone Costumes

TAMPA, FLA., Reko Rivera (Right) John Savio (Left)World’s first ” Homemade Working iPhone Costumes” created by Reko Rivera and John Savio. Specifications are 42″ Display, 1.5 Hours of Battery Life, 85 lb and the “real” iPhone can charge connected to the USB on the display. The two costumes have 3 batteries each with a total … Read more

Coolest iPod Earbuds Costumes

Right and Left, standing on the wrong sides!

This year, my boyfriend and I went as iPod earbud headphones. We were connected by a cable and even played music out of a portable speaker mounted inside, so we were really authentic. We were a hit everywhere we went, because we were able to provide music to people standing in line at the bar … Read more