Coolest iPhone Costume

The whole point of my Homemade iPhone Costume is to look awesome but still be able to wear it all year round. All it is is a T-Shirt with other clothing I wear on a daily basis and it’s easy and gets great feedback!

How I made it:
-Get a plain black T-Shirt and some iron-on paper for black clothing (available at any office supply store) and glow-in-the-dark, white or silver fabric paint
-Go on google images and find the largest size picture of each app you want to use, plus an image of a battery
-Print out each image about 3.5″x3.5″ onto the iron-on paper (test it on normal paper first)
-Follow the instructions on the iron-on package and iron each app wherever you want (I recommend using a ruler for spacing)
-At the bottom, use fabric paint to paint a circle button with a small square in the middle and the AT&T or Verizon bars in the upper left corner
-Add a pair of glasses to be a “smart phone” and some white headphones. Then wear it with whatever else you want!