Coolest iPhone FaceTime Couple Costume

Coolest iPhone FaceTime Couple Costume

Never lose sight of each other on a crazy Halloween Night! Really easy, last minute, cheap, iPhone FaceTime Couple Costume! All you need is: 1. Black cardboard 2. Printer – To print buttons/pictures 3. Pictures of yourselves (taken by the iphone, of course) 4. Scissors and Glue 5. Steve Job’s Inspiration Steps: 1. Cut Iphone … Read more

Coolest Homemade Halloween GPS Costume

Homemade Halloween GPS Costume

Our 9 year old son came up with this creative GPS navigational system on his own. We started with a plain cardboard box (you can use any size depending on how small or large is available). We had an empty 32″ TV box that we first spray painted with gray primer. Then we taped off … Read more

Coolest iPhone 4 Facetime Costume

Homemade iPhone 4 Facetime Costume

This is what you need to make a Homemade iPhone 4 Facetime Costume: 5 Large Flat Pieces of Cardboard Plenty of Elmer’s Glue A lot of Masking Tape (about 3 rolls) 12 feet of Quarter-Round Moulding (for framing) Small Screws and Washers 2-3 Cans of Glossy Black Spray Paint 1 Can of Metallic Silver Spray … Read more

Coolest Homemade iPod Commercial Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade iPod Commercial Halloween Costume Idea

I did find this done before on the interwebs, but I tried to take it to a more realistic level. The classic iPod commercials were genius – and really gave the iPod a brand. For this homemade iPod commercial Halloween costume idea, I basically used heavy black stage makeup, dressed in black clothes with white … Read more

Coolest iPhone and Headphone Couple Costume

Homemade iPhone and Headphone Couple Costume

REAL WORKING Homemade iPhone and Headphone Couple Costume!! Complete with speaker that played music from the face mask. Made from 3 pieces of 4″ thick foam glued together and then sculpted with an electric turkey shaver. Foam was then covered with duct tape for strength and then painted white. Exactly a 1:30 ratio replica of … Read more

Coolest Homemade iPhone Costume

Homemade iPhone Costume

My name is Karin Nickel and my 4 year old son Zachary wanted to be an iPhone for Halloween this year. At first I thought “How in the world am I going to make a homemade iPhone costume?” but after a trip to the fabric and craft store, everything came together. The base is a … Read more

Coolest iPod Group Costume

Homemade iPod Group Costume

For Halloween, we really wanted to do homemade costumes with which we could have a larger group wear. We knew we would be going to one of the biggest parties on campus, and needed to think of something creative and fun, yet functional. After hours of brainstorming, we spotted our idea- iPods! To make them, … Read more

Coolest Belle Berry Costume

Homemade Belle Berry Costume

My daughter Isabelle wanted a costume no one else would have… something unique. I came up with the idea and my husband made it for her. He did a fantastic job I think!

Coolest iPhone Costume

Homemade iPhone Costume

The whole point of my Homemade iPhone Costume is to look awesome but still be able to wear it all year round. All it is is a T-Shirt with other clothing I wear on a daily basis and it’s easy and gets great feedback! How I made it: -Get a plain black T-Shirt and some … Read more

Coolest Jukebox Costume

FUN-ctinoal Jukebox Costume

I got my inspiration from the “You can’t handle me” video by Robyn. In the video, she has a jukebox-type outfit on, so I thought it would be really cool to make a jukebox dress that would be cute because it’s a dress, but also take it up a notch and make it functional by … Read more

Cool iPhone Costume

Homemade iPhone Costume

My entire plan was to wear one costume, all Halloween weekend. However, with more Halloween parties presented to me than ever before, I decided I needed another quick one to maintain a fresh Halloween look. So I found instructions for creating an iPhone costume with posterboard but decided I wanted something more original than that. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Television Costume

Homemade Television Costume

This is a televison costume I made for my 9 year old son. We used a large box that had a screen sized hole in the front for his face, as if he was the picture on that channel. The box had arm holes and rested over his head. It came complete with a huge … Read more