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Coolest Homemade iPhone Costume

My name is Karin Nickel and my 4 year old son Zachary wanted to be an iPhone for Halloween this year. At first I thought “How in the world am I going to make a homemade iPhone costume?” but after a trip to the fabric and craft store, everything came together.

The base is a large piece of leather folded in half with a slit for his head and elastic straps to keep it on his little shoulders. The icons and apps were printed on fabric, measured, and applied to the leather. The silver trim and Apple logo were made from faux leather and I used fabric glue to attach them to the leather phone base. I am glad I started early, because it took a long time to get everything perfect!

I hope you like my little guy’s homemade iPhone costume – it was fun to make, and he was very happy with the final product! Thank you!

Homemade iPhone Costume

Homemade iPhone Costume

Homemade iPhone Costume

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