Coolest iPhone and Headphone Couple Costume

REAL WORKING Homemade iPhone and Headphone Couple Costume!! Complete with speaker that played music from the face mask.

Made from 3 pieces of 4″ thick foam glued together and then sculpted with an electric turkey shaver. Foam was then covered with duct tape for strength and then painted white.

Exactly a 1:30 ratio replica of a Right Headphone. A flat kitchen strainer bought from a kitchen utility store in China Town as the face mask made it very easy to walk and and visibility was great! A hidden speaker behind the face mask let music blare out of the headphone and the party followed the music.

Matching iPhone costume was constructed from scratch out of cardboard with plexi glass as the front cover. Each individual APP was personally designed on PowerPoint to scale and hand applied to the costume. Complete with headphone jack so that the costumes could be connected together. No detail was overlooked and iPhone had a “to scale” apple symbol on the back WITH mock “engraving” reading:

“Put your male connector in my female connector and we will make music together”

Copious amounts of tin foil were obviously sacrificed.

Homemade iPhone and Headphone Couple Costume

Homemade iPhone and Headphone Couple Costume