iPhone Costume

After the iPhone craze I decided it would be great to dress up as one. I bought two pieces of foam board (gray and black). I printed the icons large and pasted them on. I used foil for the apple on the back and silver duct tape for the outside rim.

I used regular duct tape to keep the two pieces together and as shoulder straps. I am an iPone owner and everyone who knows me thought it was a very fitting costume.

Total Spent: $15

Cell Phone Costume

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8 thoughts on “iPhone Costume”

  1. That’s a great idea! I have an enV2, and i got a redish colored foam board (about 1/2 inch) since mine is maroon, and sharpied the picture on it. I even put on the time as midnight!

  2. Go to: pajamacity.com

    Scroll down the menu tree in left margin, look for DIY costumes. After clicking on that, look for the model wearing the iPhone costume and click on the picture. That will give you the directions for making the costume and will include the icons to photo copy.

    I will be wearing black pants, black long sleeved turtle-neck sweater instead of footsie pj’s.


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