Coolest Queens of the Deck Group Costumes

Homemade Queens of the Deck Group Costumes

My friends and I made our Homemade Queens of the Deck Group Costumes by hand for under $20 each. It was very inexpensive, fun to make, and gave us girls an opportunity to spend time together in the process. We got the idea from this website actually, we just made it in a different way. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Vegas Showgirl Costume

Homemade Vegas Showgirl Costume

I needed a last minute Halloween costume, so I went to Hobby Lobby to dig around. I saw a lot of their Christmas stuff was on sale, so I headed there for ideas. I found all of their glittery tinsel-like pieces that go into flower pots for decorations and made a headdress out of them, … Read more

Coolest Sexy Peacock Showgirl Costume

Homemade Sexy Peacock Showgirl Costume

This year I decided that I wanted a Homemade Sexy Peacock Showgirl Costume. I bought the 35”-40” peacock feathers from (I found that this website was the most reasonably priced). I purchased 300 feathers, but I probably used half of those to make the tail. I got a thicker black poster board and hot … Read more

Coolest DIY Playing Card Costume

Coolest Do It Yourself Costumes

My daughter has an extremely creative mind and thought up this one last Halloween. Since this is one of her favorite games she thought she could be the playing card herself! I simple bought two white, thick poster boards and covered them with the appropriate color fabrics. I used a combination of felt and cotton … Read more

Coolest Homemade Queens Of The Deck Group Costume

Homemade Queens Of The Deck Group Costume

To begin making our Homemade Queens Of The Deck Group Costume, one of our moms sewed the dresses (made out of broadcloth), sashes (princess satin) and a crinoline skirt to make our dresses poof out. We all cut out felt symbols and super glued them to the dresses on the front and back. We wore … Read more

One of the Coolest DIY Kid Costume Ideas – Dice Costume

Coolest Homemade Adult and Kid Costume Ideas

This is so easy and perfect for twins or best friends! I found lots of kid costume ideas from searching on the web and finally decided to do the dice! You will need about six yards (more or less can’t remember how much it actually was) of fuzzy material of your choice of color (though … Read more

Coolest Homemade Playing Cards Costumes

Homemade Playing Cards Costumes

My roommate and I dressed up as the Playing Cards Costumes from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland who were ‘painting the roses red.’ The costumes were really easy to make. The cards were made out of pillowcases and felt, and I made the buckets out of cardboard and duct tape. I’m wearing a ski mask and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Lady Luck Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Lady Luck Halloween Costume Idea

I have to admit this Homemade Lady Luck Halloween Costume Idea was a lot of fun to make. We started with a used dance recital costume, found at our local thrift store. We also purchased a pair of silver low heeled (for comfort) dress shoes, we added a rhinestone broach to the tops with a … Read more

Coolest DIY Dice Couple Halloween Costume Idea

DIY Dice Couple Halloween Costume Idea

I spent 5 hours painting cutting and making this DIY dice couple Halloween costume idea. Instead of walking around we rolled around! It was fun. Sadly I entered 3 costume contests and each and every one people chose store bought costumes. What happened to Halloween? The best part is to make something and be creative. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Showgirl Costumes

Homemade Showgirl Costumes

Breaking free from the ordinary costumes in a plastic bag, we wanted to own the night with a more exciting get up. The story begins with Raquel, Lola, and Bambi. Wrapped in feathered friends and merchandised from head-to-toe in sequins, these girls worked the stage on Halloween night. These Homemade Showgirl Costumes are made from … Read more

Cool Homemade Showgirl Costume

Homemade Showgirl Costume

My younger sister was finally old enough to go to the same party as me so we decided we wanted to match. We wanted costumes that were show stopping and what could be more suited than a pair of showgirls! Most of the items to make the Homemade Showgirl Costume are purchased and the put … Read more