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100+ Coolest Beetlejuice Costumes

Few movies inspire as many character costumes such as Beetlejuice. With an amazing cast of eighties celebrities, this movie definitely stands the test of time. These Beetlejuice costumes will make any fan of the movie laugh with appreciation. In addition, some of these costumes look as incredible as the original ones!

Dress up as Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis’s characters after they were resurrected. Another super popular costume is the man with the shrunken head. This one always gets an amazing reaction. Of course, the main man, himself, Beetlejuice is found on people young and old. There are so versions of Michael Keaton’s iconic role.

Also, there is a woman dressed up as Winona Ryder’s character. If you are lucky enough to look like her, dressing up will be a snap! You will even see the woman on the couch separated from her legs. She is here in a cool optical illusion costume!

Looking through these costumes will inspire you to create your own Beetlejuice costumes and may even get  you to re-watch the movie. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

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