Born with Winona Ryder’s Lydia Deetz Character Face

Some years ago people wtarting telling me I looked a lot like “the girl from beetlejuice”, Tim Burtons movie… So 4 halloweens ago I ran out of ideas, I really wanted to look like a character and I wanted people to know who I was and not them asking me “so, who are you?” so Lydia was the perfect costume, I didnt needed to spend money, I didnt need to wear make up that would look aweful after a while.. All I needed to do was fixing my hair and dress up in black (my whole closet is basically black clothes) so it started..

I went to school, entered to the contest and people were so surprised, I won the first place and the people that made a huge efford kinda hated me (contests should be divided on best make up, best idea, look alike, bla bla..) but I went home happy.

Every halloween when Idk how to dress up I just watch Beetlejuice, get inspired and make my hair, I love seeing people’s faces when they see me and remember childhood (I guess that what they do)