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Best Tim Burton Maitlands Costumes Ever!

I’m not a professional costume maker. I’m a self-taught artist/sculptor that uses my craft to bring my favorite director, Tim Burton’s characters to life. Beetlejuice was the perfect choice for this year because I had a lot of materials lying around the house that would work perfect for building it.

I want people to feel like they were experiencing a character that walked right off of the movie set and that is something you cannot do with a store bought costume. My goal is to allow the adults and children’s imaginations to go wild.

How I made them:

Step 1) I made two head forms with duct tape and chicken wire, then covered it in water based clay and sculpted both character masks.

Step 2) I made a mold of the sculptures with Plaster of Paris to have a negative of the sculpture.

Step 3) Poured latex in the plaster then pulled out two masks once dried.

Step 4) Gave the masks support with green craft foam and airbrushed the details

Step 5) Glued wigs to the masks and blacked out eyes with spandex.

Step 6) I used ping pong balls to make the eyes, then painted them and added epoxy glue for the realistic shine.

Step 7) Put together matching character outfits.


The costumes were a success. We experienced very long lines of people who wanted pictures and lots of compliments. It’s a good feeling to hear the complements after spending over a month building it.

I actually almost gave up in the middle of making the costumes when my sculptures fell over and cracked, but I’m glad I stuck through to the end. Sometimes all you have left is to believe in yourself and when you do, extraordinary things happen.

You have to make sure that what you do is connected to your heart, so that it will not just end up being a project, but a work of art. I hope Tim Burton gets a chance to see the costumes as well.

Best Tim Burton Maitlands Costumes Ever!

Best Tim Burton Maitlands Costumes Ever!

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