Best Grant Grant Costume – from the Slither Movie

I love the movie Slither and the character Grant Grant, so my wife and I took clear trash bags, liquid latex, paint, duct tape, poly fill, spray glue, tan shirt, and a pool noodle and made this bad boy. Only thing we didn’t make was the mask, and monster hand we painted!

We took clear trash bags and filled them with poly fill, then sealed them shut with spray glue and then duct tape. Then we covered the bags with 3 thin layers of liquid latex. Did the same thing on pool noodle. After latex dried we put shirt under suit and sealed it using duct tape and spray glue. Then we put pool noodle through arm sleeve and covered it with latex skin. Then came the paint job.

Our first night out with it people were like “OMG WHAT IS THAT? LOL”. We had over 3,000 people take pics with it on Halloween night! Seeing all the peoples faces and smiles made it all worth while! Funniest thing was seeing it on the dance floor – everyone was laughing and the biggest smiles you ever did see! I could only imagine what it looked like to them, lol.

It took us 2 weeks total to complete it. The hardest part was trying to find good pics of the suit from the movie. When we first decided to make this suit, we looked for pics of the original and anyone who tried making their own version, but we could only find the original… since then my wife and friends are convinced we are the first to complete it or try since the movie! LOL

Though it doesn’t look just like him I think we did it justice! Being able to make people laugh and smile every Halloween is better to me than Christmas! Heck Halloween is My Christmas!

Best Grant Grant Costume - from the Slither Movie