Best Friend Costume – Schwing!

A completely DIY costume for me and my best friend. Most of the items we already had and it only took about 10 mins to put together the costumes!

Maddy (Wayne)’s outfit was put together with high-waisted 80’s style shorts she already had, a black tshirt and black hat she purchased from a local thrift store (total of $8) and the design on the hat was drawn by herself with white fabric markers.

My (Garth’s) outfit was put together with a pair of shorts and a flannel I already owned, as well as with an old pair of 3-D movie glasses that I punched the lenses out of. I purchased a tshirt at a local thrift shop as well (total of $3).

We decided on this particular costume because we wanted to be different and we wanted to make people think when they saw us. Most people had to double take to realize who we were, but very few never caught on. We were praised for our uniqueness and even applauded for not spending a fortune and still looking like we were well put together and thought out. It was nice to be among the cheeply made, store bought costumes and feel proud of our own creations.

The funniest part of the night was when we weren’t together, people would say, “Are you a hipster?” I had no idea what that was at the time, so I would call Maddy (Wayne) into the room and stand next to her and they would go, “Ooohhhhhhh! I get it!” We quickly learned we were a team costume and stuck together after that.

It was a great time and was a lot of fun creating a costume out of barely nothing and impressing people regardless of the money spent. We are already planning our costume for years to come!

Best Friend Costume - Schwing!

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