After much thought, my daughter decided she’d like to dress up in a peacock costume, and celebrate Halloween as her favorite animal. I almost fainted at first, but then I decided it would be a challenge. The funniest thing was seeing my husband’s face when I told him I needed about 90 peacock feathers. Then I wondered, “Now what?” I love crafts and every time I start a new project I have the ability to surprise my family.

Tools and Materials Used

  • 20 pcs natural peacock sword feathers 12-14 inches – $6.99
  • 50 pcs Acerca natural peacock feathers 10-12 inches – $6.40
  • 25 natural peacock feathers with blue green eyes 30-35 inch L -$16.99 USD
  • Elastic belt
  • 3 yards blue tulle – $3.00
  • 3 yards green tulle – $3.00
  • 3 yards violet tulle – $3.00
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cardboard
  • Blue tank top and skirt
  • Skin colored leggings

Costume Instructions

I made the tulle skirt with short strips in the front and longer in the back to look like the long tail of the peacock. It took me 2 hours to do it.

For the tail feathers, I first cut the cardboard into a fan shape and I made two holes to pass an elastic belt through. Then I began to glue the feathers with hot glue, first the long, then the medium, and finally the small. I added some paint on the other side and some blue feathers to decorate.

The make-up was my favorite part. I think I even surprised myself that I was able to do it so well. My daughter was very happy and grateful. For me that’s the best reward!