This was my very first homemade Halloween costume, and I think it was a huge hit! I decided, after a quick Google search for inspiration, to be a peacock for Halloween, and it turned out to be the best costume I’ve ever worn!

So let me start with one disclaimer, just because it was homemade, does NOT mean it was cheap! Unfortunately, I ended up spending way more than I thought I would on this costume, and even though I don’t regret one dollar, if you’re looking for something quick, easy, and super affordable, this isn’t it! But it was most definitely worth it.

To begin, I had absolutely no idea where to start. I like to think I’m a creative person, being a stage performer for years, but I’ve never made a costume before, so with the help of a few online searches, I sort of collected a bunch of ideas and pieced together my own creation! But I HAVE to credit a large part of my costume idea from a fellow peacock-er I actually found right here on this site! Here’s the link to her costume. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have been able to make this costume without her blog!

The top- I bought a corset from, the cheapest one I could find was around $18.00. I went to a local store and purchased about 6 or 7 packs of different colored and shaped feathers, and applied those to the front and sides of the corset, mixing in peacock feather eyes as well.

The skirt- I bought a cheap stretchy skirt from Target, probably around $10.00. I ordered 3 feathered boas from an online site, black and blue mixed, and another smaller aqua colored one, and used the 3 mixed boas to make the skirt. I used a hot glue gun for everything by the way! (and I’ve got the blisters to prove it). I tried sewing, but it’s not my strong suit and I felt like it wasn’t secure enough, so I used the hot glue to attach the boas to the skirt. I ripped apart the aqua-colored boa, and applied small handfulls of it throughout the skirt and the corset, and added some peacock feather eyes through the skirt as well.

The fan tail- This was the fun part! The tail definitely had to be a show stopper, so I wanted it to make a statement when I walked into the room. I cut out a medium-sized piece of cardboard, covered it in black fabric, and hot glued a cheap stretchy belt to the bottom of the piece of cardboard. I then placed another smaller piece of cardboard on the other side of the belt, to secure it. And started applying the long-stem peacock feathers to the black cardboard, and because I wanted the same effect from the front as the back, I turned it around and did the same thing on the back of the cardboard as well, so everyone could see those gorgeous peacock eyes from any angle.

Attaching it to the belt was the best decision, because I was able to remove it so I could drive or go to the bathroom, and surprisingly it was very light and didn’t weigh me down at all!

Everywhere I went, people wanted to take pictures of the costume or ask me how I made it, and it was a huge success!! All in all, it took me only about a week to make, a very loonggg week, but definitely do-able in a short time if you already have a lot of the materials on hand. Only downside to this costume? Navigating! I’m already a pretty tall girl so trying to get through doorways or crowded bars was definitely a challenge, haha. And more than a few innocent feathers were lost throughout the night because so many curious people wanted to touch it, and some not-so-gentle guys decided to grab on it pretty roughly.  But nothing major! OH and I think I only upset about 30 people after knocking them in the head with the fan, but (almost) everyone was a good sport, so no harm, no foul!

In the end, I absolutely loved this costume, and I think it was pretty good for my first attempt at a homemade one! Thanks, and Happy Halloween!